Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ridiculous Wikipedia Pages #1

I am starting a new feature to this Blog, Ridiculous Wikipedia Pages, which I hope will become a regular feature. The first entry:

Favorite excerpts: 

Panties are made of a variety of materials and fabrics including satinsilkpvccottonnylonmeshlacerawhideleatherlatex,lycra, and/or polyester.

Edible panties are sold in novelty or sex shops

women in flattering and provocative panties and lingerie have become a staple of several functions of male and lesbian popular culture

At some colleges, there have been panty raids.

Many female celebrities wear briefs; for instance, Paris Hilton wears plain white hi-cut Hanes briefs

I would also like you to take note of the woman wearing the gray panties. Why is there a wet spot? WTF?!

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