Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Since I watch alot of daytime tv, I saw a commercial for one of the most confusing things I have seen in a long time: Disney Farm Fresh Eggs. WTF?! I don't get it. They are regular eggs with little disney stamps on them. I tried to find out how much they cost, but I couldn't find anything online. I'm going to look for them in grocery stores, because my guess is that there is a hefty mark up for the tarded little rubber stamp. 

Here is a tip. If you need to get Disney eggs to get your kids to eat, why not buy a rubber stamp for two bucks and stamp your own damn eggs. 

The commercial shows the egg in a perfect mickey head shape. Yeah right. First, I doubt that the mould comes with the eggs, and second I doubt that it works. Stupid ploy, but again, why not just buy your own cookie cutter or mould. There is no need to spend the money on this crap.

This is the dumbest product I've ever seen. Disney Farm Fresh Eggs: FAIL. 

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