Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You Have GOT To Be Kidding ME!!!

I have to say that I am completely outraged at today's NY Post cartoon by Delonas. It's not funny, it's not smart, its not clever, and it certainly lacks all class and tact. It is really disgusting. I keep looking at it thinking that I must be missing something and it can't possibly be as racists as I think it is. But no, I think I'm completely right and this is a blatant show of ignorance. I wasn't going to post the picture, but I'd rather have you see it here than give the website tons of hits. 


  1. so awful i just blogged about it myself.

  2. This just makes me sad :(

  3. Like everyone else, I kept trying to see the "flip side" of it, thinking that there was more than one meaning, but there isn't! They're trying to stir the pot and piss people off in the most juvenile ways. This guy has the intelligence of a 2 year old - and it shows. His crap is never funny and he's a horrible artist. I'll be he lives alone in a filthy basement apartment with his parents. He's crap.