Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You Owe Me A Weekend

Steven Parnell, you and your Peanut Corp Of America are dick holes!

I'm not going to speak for the hundreds of people who were sick, nor for those unfortunate ones who died. I'm speaking for myself. You basically stole 4 days of my life when I got sick from eating some freakin peanut butter crackers (too bad I found out about the recall one day after I ate them). And now we find out that you knew you were selling diseased peanut butter, and you didn't care. In fact, you hurried the shipment because you were going to lose some money. I hope you lose everything. You deserve jail time, and I hope that you get sued for everything you're worth. It's people like you that put this country in the crapper.... literally and figuratively.

WTF?!?! Would you think? How could this possibly have had a good outcome? You sell to people that provide to schools, nursing homes and crisis management. Ask yourself, was it really worth it?...and then stop pleading the 5th and take what's coming to you.

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  1. That totally sucks!!! For shizz they need to rot in prison. That place is nasty.