Friday, January 30, 2009

How Henry Got His Groove Back

(Note: this is not Henry. He is not a lizard pornstar)

Happy news from Australia: Henry, a formerly ornery Tuatara lizard had never in his 110 years mated with a female. This is a problem because that fool is endangered! However, as soon as veterinarians removed a cancerous lump they found on his little lizard wee-wee, he very quickly made up for lost time. 

Henry and Mildred are now the proud parents of 10 babies, and he is expected to soon mate with Lucy and Juliet (although, she is a bit young for him at the spry age of 20. He is having a bit of performance anxiety). Well, maybe not so proud. If he sees his offspring he is likely to eat them. So it is in the reptile world......

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