Monday, January 19, 2009

Not For The Faint Of Heart

Ok, so you know how YouTube gives you a choice of videos related to the one you just watched? Well this is the one that played after "Girl Without A Face". 

I'm sure you've heard about parasitic twins, but this man's case is definitely a one-upper. He is an extremely rare case of a fetus in fetus. It is basically a parasitic twin that forms completely inside the fetus of it's sibling while in the womb. Normally doctors can spot this type of funny business immediately and attempt to fix it, but this poor guy was born in a 3rd world country, probably without a doctor within 100 miles. 

He lived his entire life with what he thought was just a fat belly. Luckily, he was extremely self conscious, and asked a group of doctors visiting his village to check him out. The surgery revealed 44 lbs of fluid and--wait for it--a "nine pound aberration of bone teeth and nails". Oh, and don't forget the two pounds of hairball!! WTF! 

Watch the video, it shows the little demon.   

I need to stop looking at deformed baby videos. It's getting incredibly depressing, and kinda making me want to go get my tubes tied.

I'm going out to buy an Obama T-Shirt to make myself feel better. 

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  1. Stories like this freak me OUT!!!!!! I best not some random bones and teeth in my body from a crazy parsitic twin!!! ahhhhhhh!!!! LifE!