Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Inspiration For This Blog

On Thursday, January 15th, a collective exclamation of "WFT!" rang out throughout the country when US Airways Flight 1549 made an emergency ditching in the Hudson River. (I saw the plane in the water outside the conference room window at work. That shiz was cray-zay!)

But what really made me say wtf was that this was called the "Miracle on the Hudson". Personally, I want to believe that this is NOT a miracle. I get it, it's incredible that everyone survived, but seriously, do you want to be on a plane thinking that if a bird hits us we're toast? I prefer to think that this is exactly what the pilot was supposed to do when faced with this type of emergency. I think he showed his heroism when he made sure he was the last one out. He showed his great skill and training when he flawlessly landed in the water (something that I hope EVERY SINGLE PILOT is able to pull off). 

Great job Sully. Keep up the good work!

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